Kolomina Marina

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5'4" ft
clothing size
Hair color
I'm a good singer
No license (unable to drive)
Playing age
25 - 33

8-906-047-49-83 1. Colomina Marina Aleksandrovna https://vk.com/id49720140д 2. 1986 3. gender: women's 4. Height - 163 on the heels of 170.Weight 50,hair Color – blonde, below shoulder length,eye Color – grey,Type of appearance Slavonic,Nationality - Russian,Size: (Russian size 40 - 42, figure sports) bust 96 ,hip 90 waist 62 5. EDUCATION:IPCC (bis MGUKI) master course of Shchekochikhin, Alexander Григорьевичhttp://www.kino-teatr.ru/teatr/activist/342254/foto/503867/ actress of theatre and cinema 6. Skills: do fitness, strip-plastic, love to sing, roller skate 8. Work in cinema: 1)2013 series "Shura" episode, a girl at a picnic, 12 series, directed by Maxim Masaltsev, Alexander Kurnaev 2)the 2013 series "Supermax" series 2,episode, girl at the wedding, throwing rose petals on the bride and groom, Director Vasily Barkhatov, Daria Salyakina, Vadim Danziger 3)2014-channel home friend of the heroine of"the Killer in captivity,"the role of the second plan, Home channel,in the development 4)2015-series "survival School" - the episode with the words, the role of the visitor of the beauty salon, the Director Sahat dursunov, Abashkin Andrey, Andrey Morozov 5)the 2015 series "Survive после3" episode with the words , the role of makeup artist,Director: Dusan Gligorov, Alexander Boguslavsky 6)2015 t/with"the Sun as a gift" episode with the words, series 18, the role of waitress, directed by Sergalin 7) 2015. t/s "Mommy" episode of the mother with the child,Director. Valeria Ivanovo 8) 2015 m/s Divorce, a promotional video, the role of the wife, the Director of "Mir" Dmitry Kharlamov. 9)2016 show "the fortune Teller" series of car Wash, 225 release, the episode of GL the role of the wife, speaking role ,the Director Oksana Nachuk, Elena Kuznetsova 10)2016 t/with "legends of the Kolowrat"the role of the boyar, of the series are in development 11)2016 t/with"the Teacher"season 3, episode 21, the understudy Anastasia Panina, Director Sergey Sentsov 12)2016 t/with "the Last COP" episode with the words,victim of a maniac Basmanova Svetlana,a series still in development 13)2016 t/with "the Claw of Mauritania" nurse, Director Chlopecka N. 14)2016 festival film, "Jafarian" , the role of nurses. . Director Natalia Petrova 15)2017 t/with "Skeletons in cupboards" , the role of gossip girl , Director Roman Ivanov 16)2017 full meter "OPA New year" , the role of a guest at the wedding, Director, Makarov D., Pritchin camera E. 17) 2017 t/with "bars" the role of the clinic administrator Plast surgery , Director Alexei Scraper 18)2017 t/with "Sworn friend" , the girl, the seductress, the Director Selivanov A. 19) 2017 t/with "the Witnesses,"Julia, directed by Igor Tverdokhlebov, Yury Kharnas, Mikhail Bogdasarov 20) 2017 t/with "Favorites", the visitor of the hospital,Director Andrey Proshkin (Orleans) 21)2017 t/s "Signs of destiny", Nina accountant ,Director Roman Zhigalov 22)2017 t/C "Girls don't give up," the role of the visitor of plastic surgery,Directed by Sergey Krasnov 23) 2017 t/with "never surrender," the role of the makeup artist, the Director Maxim Subbotin 24)2017 t/with "the Web", the wife of Pylypets, directed by Vladimir krasnopolskiy, Valeriy Uskov Mikhail Mamedov 25)2017 t/s "Lev Yashin", flight attendant, Director Vasiliy Chiginsky 26)2017 t/with "Give young people", the role of a doctor,Olga Lund, Dmitry Chirkov, Anton Fedotov, Cyril Papakul 27)2017 t/with "the Spider", the role of Milena,48 series, in development, Director Michael Garnevski 28)2018 t/s "Presumption of innocence", the role of Luba, the wife Senie, Director Natalia Buchneva. 29)2018 t/s "Change" , the role Model 30)2018 t/s "Anna - H" , the role of interpreter , Luc Besson 31) 2018 t/s "Robinson", the role of a drug addict Daria, wife of GL hero, directed by Rostislav Musayev 32)2018 vehicle "Sasha, Tanya", the role of a stripper, Mikhail Starchak, Andrey Bogatyrev 33)2018 t,with "Personal scores", the role of the employee of the beauty salon, Alain, directed by Alina Chebotarev 34)2018 t/s "friend", the role of the visitor café, YouTube channel 35)2018 t/s "Adaptation", the role of understudy Cary Matheson visitor of the concert, the Director Fyodor Stukov 36)2018 t/C ,"Mark and Humayun," the role of bariana, Director Andrey Silkin 37)2018 film "Bride",the main role of the dream girl, directed by Ekaterina Tsukanova 37)2018 t/s "Fedya and Senya", the role of the girl Fedi, Director Anton Fedotov 38)2018 t/C "SuspenSe" series Loyalty, is currently taking part in the lead role, Maria. Director Igor Ryzhkov 39)currently participate as a lead on one of the YouTube channels, as Marina, Director Pavel Kostenko Business CARDS https://youtu.be/q-FzaK9xgDo https://youtu.be/siGvE-DcnsM ,https://youtu.be/iV8qKN68jt8 PORTFOLIO : https://rutube.ru/video/be659c51eab9b88422e88fc4b8c368e8/ project Bride, the role of the girl мечтаhttps://yadi.sk/i/2wyhDWau3QoknQ, the role of the visitor "Girls, don't give up https://youtu.be/ZbWNwJCO1dk the role of the accountant "Signs of destiny" https://youtu.be/MrxRsIfJXrc Advertising : Chapter the role of advertising https://youtu.be/ztKFFl_camY, https://yadi.sk/i/8RzSO3GH3SUFvH "Tribestan" is a medicine https://youtu.be/AgMwuHYg7zM, light meter Radex Lupin https://youtu.be/YMx25Ls85m4 "Radio Mir"TV channel мирhttps://youtu.be/f1J--MrPsMc, NTV project "Hunting" https://youtu.be/8iuWokTrEnM "Moscow 24" "Shop with focus" http://www.m24.ru/videos/119788 Windows "Vintex" https://youtu.be/qU6oCazzU https://youtu.be/94m_6pyFAI0 and a lot of GL roles in the internal commercials, which are not yet published As parody, participation in korparativov in the role of Marilyn Monroe, Svetlana Svetlichnaya, the snow maiden at festivals and photo shoots, as a model for social commercials and websites THEATRE: diploma play "Children Vanyushina" Naydenov, the role of the daughter Vanyushina - Anna, deep, wise experiencing The play "the Porcupine", the play by Angelica Valentine, theatre of Romance, the role of the Girls, bold, brazen, growing up without parents, bodies 8 906-047-49-83