Gor Igor

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5'8" ft
Appearance type
clothing size
Hair color
Dark blonde
Eye color
Prof. level
Playing age
47 - 58

Hood.Director of theatre games improvisation "Game", Actor improviser and voice actor , screenwriter Exotic, organic, games Video card: youtu.be/vdnWuVjrrFE Instagram -sketches https://youtu.be/MGKrhARAvuI https://youtu.be/uGq_k0bW2i8 https://youtu.be/QpBGEEyZcs4 https://youtu.be/8oxikJTkd70 Typical, temperamental, focused, explosive, romantic, hard working, active, enticing, thoughtful, challenging, creative, intuitive, purposeful, smart Similar something embarrassing the actors-stars: Jeff bridges, Russell Crowe, Liam Neeson Characters: fantasy-wizard / history - Noah / adventure - rocker, biker / action - Viking, warrior, Prince / detective - criminal intellectual / series - attorney, writer, Director, producer, Director, journalist, artist, coach, father, designer, psychologist, comedian, etc. ------------------------------------------- Age - 56 Gaming age - 45 Growth -176 Weight - 86 Size - 52-54 Shoes - 43 Hair blonde to shoulders Eyes - blue The beard is streaked with gray Skills: singing, playing guitar, martial arts, driving (right) Specialization: game Comedy improv, stand-up The experience of filming: episode series Footprint Chapters.the hero of the film "Любoff" (KOR.meter dir. I. Gore) _______ 2018 dubbing GL hero of the film "the Debt" (KOR.meter dir.And.Smirnov) Episode /SOC. is the "Invisible among us" The TV TNT ------- 2019 The plot in "Evening Urgant" (1 channel) Presenter of the award "Oscar" Pilot episode of "Battle of designers" TNT . Clip : Director-Oleg Trofim "Wherever you were". The priest and the guest Episode: Coach. The TV series of "Che". "Dangerous liaisons". Episode: The Priest. The Pilot Of The Series "Girls Makarova" The short film" Box", the Director (one of the main roles) Dir. Giselda Martins Lima Video sample 1: youtu.be/JB6WBN1GAFw Video sample 2: youtu.be/90s70-Hh0C0 ------------------------- t/a up again I 8-926-0269099 **** Attention, Directors! The advantage of the actor -improviser at the shooting area that he can "generate" a complete text, dramatically built on almost any subject, throughout the whole role. You can in this case be dispensed without a script!!!! Just set the task and get a result! Try it!