Mihail Demchuk

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Age: 33 Height: 188 Weight: 135 Eye color: brown Hair color: dark brown Clothing size: 62 Shoe size: 46 E-mail: dmn_84@mail.ru Contact phone number:8-906-728-31-29 Education: legal, administrative, candidate of pedagogical Sciences. The experience of filming: 1. Channels The first program "Good morning" aired from 30.05.17 The first reality TV "let's get married" live from 03.10.2017. https://youtu.be/d_gp81GV9vo O2 - the "Interview" Ren - "The useful program" live from 30.09.17 Moscow 24 - "Touching the business" http://tv.m24.ru/videos/139217 Yu, Muz - "naughty by Shalimov" https://youtu.be/LZ4sMiV1GNA 2.Reality show Friday - "School revizorro" issue Che - "Solved" fourth edition Che - "Depressants" third edition https://m.chetv.ru/show/antikollektoryi 3. Short film: Cinematography Director D. Danielyan - "I don't think so" https://youtu.be/fbEy_ApBIzw Cinematography Director I. Zuykov "Statue" Cinematography project "Cheaters" (adaptation of the story by O. Henry) GITR Director D. Ahmadjonov rose GITR project "Corporate advertising" Moscow School of Film directed by K. Manjula "Mosgormash or Zombie named Arkhip" 4. The average meter. Director A. Korabelnikova "Organization "quit Smoking" 5. Clips: "Jump Higher," gr. E. N. A.( Evil not Alone) https://youtu.be/Gcs3xV7sD-M "son" Stas Smelyanskiy https://youtu.be/p15hEB_FrX4 the "most correct" gr. Snow white https://youtu.be/OIh93lo4ktc "Super Miracle Tape" (School hype)https://youtu.be/2lB1po-iEi4 "Fat lost" (School hype) https://youtu.be/UqMtj5pwGxI 6. VLOG Youtube "Gadsky the Director of" the 2nd season of series 2 https://youtu.be/cHE_s9k0rVk