Yastrebova Svetlana

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5'6" ft
clothing size
Hair color
Dark blonde
Eye color
I'm a good singer
Playing age
27 - 40

Education: 3 higher, starting with the latter. 1. IPCC workshop V. T. Surikov, the actress. 2013 - 2016. 2. MGUKI, the journalist. 2010 - 2011. Higher national School of Television, TV presenter. 2008 - 2009. 3. Roszitlp, the engineer-designer garments. 2001 - 2007. There are also vocational in the field of clothes modeling and management. Training courses, training: Ivana Chubbuck, said-Dashuk Nigmatulin, Lara Noise. Courses in the model Agency "Mademoiselle", 2000. Theatre: Moscow Youth Experimental Theatre Spesivtseva V. S. in school performances: the Nutcracker, Queen Margot, Pit, Romeo and Juliet, etc. From 2013-2016. "Theatre in prison" at the FSIN of Russia. Worked as assistant Director, organizer, film editor, set dresser, costume designer, makeup artist, actress. A major role. Thanks from the FSIN of Russia for acting and organizing work. The performances of the role: 2018. Harry Potter, a show — sibyl Treloni, Professor of magic and divination Director: Milan Description Theatre: The Repertory Company. 2017. Charity concert in honor may 9 victory in world war II — Director, presenter, organizer Theater: Theater in prison. 2016. New planner — the Video Director, assistant Director, actress in the role of the youngest Baba-Yaga, decorator, organizer Director: V. T. Surikov Theater: the Ministry of justice of the Russian Federation. 2016. The bear by A. P. Chekhov — the main role Popova E. I. Director: O. A. Lysak Theater: Theater in February 2015. Theatrical production dedicated to the victory in world war II — role: med. nurse, soldier, pilot. Director: Surikov V. T., Lysak, O. A. Theater: the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation. 2015. Typists/Murray Rishel — main role: Sylvia Peyton. Director: V. T. Surikov Theater: Theater in prison. 2014. The Pupil/Ostrovsky A. N. — main role: Ulanbekov. Director: V. T. Surikov Theater: Theater in prison. 2013. F. P. Haas (the anniversary performance dedicated to the memory of patron) — role: the official, katarzynki. Director: Surikov V. T, Lysak, O. A. Theater: Theater in prison. 2013. Restless Baba Yaga — Director, screenwriter, main cast role of Baba Yaga. Director: S. Yastrebov Theater: Theater in prison. 2013. Tower/story — role: vixen. Director: O. A. Lysak Theater: Theater in prison. Role in a movie, on TV: 2019. Knife — Irina Sokolova Documentary The main role Director: TVC. 2019. Butterflies and birds — the Dancers Director: TVC. 2018-2019. "Boomerang of Kindness" TV presenter, author Documentary The main role Director: Svetlana Yastrebova for the First Vegetarian. 2019. "A new life" C/m film — the Bride, the main role Director: Svetlana Yastrebova. 2018. "Awakening" series. — role stylish client to the Spa. 2018. Against Borodina Buzova — itself. 2018. News — Natalia Sokolova, the injured patient, episode Director: channel 5. 2018. Time machine — a model of Eleanor, the main dramatic role Director: TV3. 2018. The presumption of innocence speculators with the ruble, episode. Director: ORT 2017. The boomerang of Kindness with Svetlana Yastrebova — the main producer, author, and host of the program Director: South-East TV. 2017. Fairy,/f — the dancer Director: Anna Melikyan. 2017. Silver Hoof/Bazhov P. — lead-the reader, the main. 2017. Sherlock — Dancer in a murder, episode Director: TVZ. 2016. Ghost hunters, a reality series — a Wicked witch, a key role Director: TV3. 2016. PE, SCU series — the dancer, the episode. Director: TNT. 2017. The landlady episode. 2016. Lover — co-host-the expert, the main. 2016. Let say — injured patient, the main. Director: ORT. 2016. Live — injured patient Director: Russia 1. 2016. Salsa dancer Director: ORT. 2016. Mounties — athletes, dancers Director: TNT. 2015. Bartender/f dancers Director: Dean Turmanova. 2015. Day and night, the show is a dancer Director: Ren TV. 2015. Chronicles of change-2 — Wife whom the husband changes, the episode Directed By: DTV. 2014. Red Cover, Live, of Netlab, the Terminal series. 2013. Comedy Battle, Videobite, Intuition, Brunettes vs blondes. 2012. Fresh blood, clip Naik Borzov — the main role of the dancer. 2011. Law and order, Click, Office, Marriage Fiction, the House that built the housing Department, Perfect interview. 2010. Dinner party, the Hour of judgment, the Weakest link, Russian sensation has the main role. 2009. Ms. de Vu, K/m — the Girl who breaks up with guy, episode. 2009. People Well, the series is the main role of a super hero Lara Cupid. 2008. Clip Alexey Vorobyov — episode. 2008.Bloody Mary, Happy together episodes. 2007. Madonna on the pavement,/f — episode, Vitruvian man Director: Naumov, Vladimir N. 2006. Gloss/f — coming model Roxana, episode Director: A. S. Konchalovsky 2006. Special prison — the friend to thief in law, episode Director: Sergey Vinogradov. Role in advertising 2019. Boat Show Model. 2018. Mint Lounge — Model, dancer. 2018. Fermenkol — Patient. 2017. MTS with Dmitry Nagiyev — a minor of the White Queen. 2017. Plastic Windows — the main. 2016. Food Hous — model. 2012. doroga.mos.ru — super-heroine on call. Skills: Sports: skating, rollerblading, Biking, skiing, water, mountain, horse riding, swimming, jump from towers, paragliding, fitness, running, rhythmic gymnast in the past (6 years). Dancing 12 years professionally, ballet, Russian folk. Vocals: vocal training in high school, private lessons. Creativity: sew, draw, write scripts, poetry, prose, etc. Basic conversational English. I'd be happy to take part in the filming of a good project! Thank you! Video: https://youtu.be/taDCZeX63IU - acting card. https://youtu.be/Teu1ttlJdis - the actor's emotions in different ways.