Bichan Nataliya

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B (2)
5'4" ft
clothing size
Hair color
Light brown
Eye color
I'm a good singer
No license (unable to drive)
Playing age
20 - 30

Place of residence: Moscow Place of birth: Vyborg, Leningrad region Email: Playing age: 16-28 Marital status: not married Height: 163 Weight: 50 Hair color: Dark blonde. (below the shoulders) Eye color: green Type of appearance: European Nationality: Russian Clothing size: 42-44 Shoe size: 37 (23.5 cm) EDUCATION: Institute Of Dramatic Art City: Moscow Workshop: Starygin V. I. Kuznetsov, O. E (2009-2013) Profession: Actress of Drama Theatre and Cinema FILMOGRAPHY: 2018-"a Woman in a state of Divorce", Dir. Olga Safronova,role: Nymph 2017- "Teacher 2: the Test", dir. Alexey Petrukhin, role: Death 2017- "Call DiCaprio", dir. Zhora Krizovnicka ,TV series ,episode : Vika 2017- "jumble", dir. Eugene Kovalets, Role: Senior Counselors, the plot of "an Incurable disease" 2016- "Private Pioneer",dir. Alexander Karpilovsky, Role:Natalia,a full meter 2015- "jumble", dir. Eugene Kovalets, Role: the Girl-Selfie story,"a Bad Memory" 2015- "the Big Cinema", dir. Ilya Kalinkin . Role: Natasha, the pilot 2015-series "Trace",dir. Dmitry Panchenko. the role of Larissa, series 1481 2015-series "Blind",dir. Kira Meshcheryakova. the role of Tatiana 2014-TV series "a Dad", dir.Radda Novikova. role: the Neighbor series 13 2014-series "the Academy", dir.Gabriela Chernyak. role:Xenia, a series of 56 2014-Novella "Cold coffee" from the film "Area sheet" (working title) Studio "the Right Two Stripes", Director Ilya Kalinkin, the role of the Wife 2014-"Special Case" , directed by George Kranidis. Role: Girl, series 122 2014-OSA dir. Alexander Stroev, series 76, role: Light. 2014-"the Doctors" dir.Vladimir Filimonov, a series of"Stash" the role of Light. 2012-"Excursiones", dir. Gennady Akimenko, role: the First Student of VGIK 2012-"the bells"dir. Gennady Akimenko, role: Girl INFORMATION ON PERFORMANCES: 2015- "Libya,13", dir. Mr Bahramov, the role of "Ramona", the Palace of culture ZIL 2015- "Robotica", dir. Vladimir Maisuradze, the role of "Henchman", Sochi (entreprise) 2014.- "Blue arrow"Director Andrew Cisaruk, role: Toy horse, Children's theatre on Baumanskaya, entreprise. 2014.- "Birds"musical, directed by Ilya Kalinkin, role: White, theater RND 2014.- "The Mandrake's cry" Director Andrew Cisaruk, the main role: the PR girl-the witch, the project"Open stage" 2013.- "Eight loving women"Director Edward Livni, role: pierrette, the training stage. 2013.-"Blue arrow"Director Andrew Cisaruk, role: Toy horse. Theatre"Center Of Vladimir Vysotsky" 2012- "Every seven years", dir.Oleg Kuznetsov the role.The Girl ,Educational Theatre 2012-"Every Seven Years",dir.Oleg Kuznetsov, role:Miss Morris, Educational Theatre Writer: 2015- "jumble", dir. Eugene Kovalets, the plot of"Bad Memory" 2015 - a "Selfie" feature, dir. Maxim Boev 2015.- "Scarlet Sails" (based on A. green) feature Clips: 2018.- "You shoot me in the Heart",directed by Sergey Znamenskiy, main character Journalist: -The correspondent of the channel "Super Hit" -Fitting with a star (host) Project: "Live dancing" - acting classes,plastics and choreography Own project,together with "Training Studio Rinat Karimov" (stage speech) Arthur Mikoyan (Artist of the Bolshoi theatre-choreography) Choreographer: -Choreographer (March-October 2016) the channel TNT -Choreographer , "Dance of Death" ,the film "bad Teacher 2: the Test", dir. Alexey Petrukhin (2017) Educational theater performance "Every seven years" is the second choreographer (2012) Theatre of Vladimir Vysotsky "Blue Arrow" - assistant choreographer (2013) - Women's fitness club (2009)- coach of dance styles "The territory of Fitness", "Sportland" (2010-2011) –coach of the dance directions - "Fitstayl", "Olympus", "Imperialistas" (2011-2013 ) –coach of the dance directions (adult, desahogate) - Demi Fitness, Adrenaline Sports Academy, Art Fitness (2012-2015)-coach dance styles (adult children's choreography) -Family Club 2015-2016. ( Latin for teenagers, modern dance for kids, acting, dance) -Camp newsreel"jumble"2015 (acting, dancing) Cultural-Sports Centre "Success"2016 (acting Teacher) ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Languages: Ukrainian, English – basic. Dance: Prof. Latin American. modern dance Range voice, simultaneous voice: Alto Song: Professor-Russian folklore Musical instruments: Piano Sports: Fencing. Stage Combat ADDRESS SOCIAL.NETWORK:,