Ershov Sergei

id: 4418
5'9" ft
clothing size
Hair color
Light brown
I'm a good singer
Playing age
40 - 55

Graduated from (Knockit them.And.To.Karpenko-Kary) Kiev national University of Theatre, Cinema and Television named after I. K. Karpenko-Kary Kyiv, workshop Bohdan Stupka. Specialty – actor of drama theatre and cinema . Height – 1,78 cm The hair – blond (ash blonde) Eyes – blue grey Clothing size – 56 Shoe size – 43 · Working in film and television: · 2018. The series "Morozova-2" , directed by Ivan Agalev episode.the role of Anton. · 2018. Serial hood.the movie "Intercessors", dir. V. Kott, scenes.the role of the General · 2017. The Series "A Forester. Own land" episode.the role of the Prosecutor · 2016. The television series "the Fifth guard" series, "on the web", dir. Ilya Shekhovtsov, the role of the second plan police major Sivkov. · 2015. TV serial hood. the movie "CHANGELING (CAPGRAS SYNDROME)" episode. the role of the physician · 2015. Short hood. the movie "the Hunt", dir. Andrey Shabaev-Markin, the main role, Hunter · 2014. Show "the Web – season 9" series, "death for Death", dir. Michael Galin, episode. the role of the Federal drug control service, Colonel Savelyev · 2014. The series "the Reader", the series "Ashes" episode. the role of the Director "Roshima" · 2014. Hood. The movie "Fatal inheritance" episode. role surgeon · 2014. Hood. The film "Red widow" episode. the role of school Director · 2014. The series "Piatnitski" (4th season) series "For and Against", the role of the second plan, Prokhorov · 2014. Hood. The film "Orlova and Aleksandrov" episode. the role of foreign Minister Molotov · 2014. Hood. The film "Bitch wars" episode. the role of early Moore Colonel Sokolovsky. · 2013. The series "Bones", episode 18 " the Character of Silence or Victim number fourteen," the role of the second plan ,the Deputy head of the district Zakharov · 2013. Show "the Web - season 7", a series of "no Coincidences" series 9 and 11, a supporting role, Victor Tikhonovich Avilov · 2013. The Series " Moscow. Three station.Season - 7 ", series "Puncture" episode. the role of the chief doctor Sergei Petrovich · 2013. The series " the Registrar ", the 17th series of " Others ", the role of the second plan, the doctor is a Trustee Stanislav · 2013. Hood. mnogomer. the film " How to marry a millionaire – 2 ", dir. Natalia Khlopetsky, episode, role Provider · 2013. The series "the Unequal marriage" , TV channel "Russia 1", through the role of the second plan, the investigator Mukhin Peter S. · 2012. The series "Precinct detective" episode, the role of the Investigator · A humorous JUMBLE newsreel series "the Bomb" episode, the role of Minesweeper Serial "Gorjachev and others" (Russia) episode, the role of the groom · Hood. The film "Mother" (Russia), worked as a stuntman · Hood. The film "General Gorbatov" (Russia) the episode is sound, the role of the Captain muses. platoon, singer · Hood. The film "Queen Margot" (Russia) episode, the role of the Captain of the Royal guard · Hood. The film "Pomagalski and Pro" (Russia) the role of the second plan Sergeant Yankel · Hood. The film "Cross yourself" (Ukraine) the role of the second plan, Paul · Hood. The film "I am guilty" (Russia) episode, the role of the waiter Stepan · Hood. The film "Encore, another encore" (Russia), the episode, the soldier singer · Hood. The film "Sinful apostles of love" (Russia) episode, Lieutenant Kurt · Hood. The film "red cherry" (China – Russia) episode, head prison guard · Hood. The film "Notre Dame de Paris" (Russia-France) an episode of a crazy beggar Jacques · Hood. The movie "Only You" (Russia – Philippines) the role of the second plan, KGB Lieutenant Simonov P. · Hood. The film "the Quiet don" (Russia-Italy) episode, captain Pakhomenko · Hood. The film "Nastja" (Russia), dir. Danelia, episode, the role of the waiter Paul · Hood. The film "Last tram" (Russia-France) the role of the second plan Stas · Hood. The film "Gold" (Russia-Italy) episode, the role of Vincenzio · Playing educational video "measures of length" a major role scoring · Promotional video for the company "Nissan" · The advertising film about the fight against corruption, the role of the tax inspector. · Work in advertising on TV and Print media, billboards, Moscow, SOC.advertising. · Television advertising, which often showed in his time – "the Bank GMM "soap" Finist ". · Sound paintings: one of the works " On Deribasovskaya good weather, to Brighton-the scourge again there are rains ", " General Gorbatov ", the voice-overs for commercials on radio and TV, etc..... · Worked as a model at the advertising Agency "ANKOR" - works for the magazine "stern" (Germany), journal "AIDS-info", etc. · Game scenes for music. clips Natalia the Saltykov · Performed at the pageant for the President of Russia B. N. Yeltsin in honor of the 50th anniversary of Victory over German-fascist invaders, in Victory Park (Moscow) · The number of series with major and minor roles:: Trace", "Detectives", "Blind", Not "equal marriage" and so on ...... · · Work in the theater: Moscow Theatre of Russian Drama " Chamber Scene ", Moscow Performances – "Black Horse," the role of Lieutenant of the Harm, the "Hand" part of the landlord Okhlobystin. Theatre-Studio " Adam and eve ", Moscow, performance "the divine Comedy" for the role of angel D Theatre-Studio "the Apprentice" Moscow, performances of "a Midsummer night's Dream" the role of Demetrius, "Woe from wit" the role of Famusov, "the Duenna" the role of don Antonio. · Hood. hands. private theater "Constellation" of tales for children of preschool and school age, a variety of repertoire. · Taught acting at the Studio theatre, there's also how the Director staged performances. (The play, the tale of L. Filatov " About Fedot-Archer daring fellow ", took second place on a theatrical contest among schools in Moscow). · Santa Claus with experience ))) · Additional skills - horse riding, fencing, possession of firearms and melee weapons, unarmed combat, stunts, Moto and skiing, auto category "In". Can work as second Director.