Tsyplakova Natalia

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Year and date of birth: 23 March 1979 Place of residence : Moscow Place of birth: Moscow Age:34 Playing age: from 36...28... Marital status: not married Height:168 Weight:52 Hair color: Eye color: green Type of appearance: European Nationality: Clothes size: 40-42 Bra size: 75-a Shoe size:36,5 EDUCATION: RATI-GITIS Moscow workshop In Khazanov-2004 FILMOGRAPHY: 2016-"ask"-Director Slava Paddle.role: Tatiana 2013- "Brothers in exchange"- the Director Zhigalkin, role: JOURNALIST. 2013- "Family affair"-Director . And . Sushkevich. role: Larissa. 2013- "Special case"- the heroine of the series. 2011-TV Series "family drama" Director: A. Sushkevich, role: main Tatiana 2011 - series "Method Laurel" series "Scam" Director:Vyacheslav Nikolaev's Director Andrew ushatinskaya, the role of Larissa. 2011- "the Punishment ugly duckling" Director: F. Shabanov.role: Zhanna Popova 2010- "Piccies" Director:. Anton Sushkevich, the role of a Prostitute 2009- "WILD" – Director V. Shmelev, role: Prostitute 2004-"taxi driver" Director . About . Muzaleva the role: the heroine of the series Tatiana. Work in theatre: 2016-the project is a THEATRICAL TERM Performance : "All champagne"dir. V. Kaminskaya role:Koroleva. 2008 - present Entreprise, John. Priestley,"Treasure of island the Pelican"- dir . Boris Morozov, role: Yvonne, Association "Theater" 2007-present Enterprise . The theatrical house "the Millennium". Abe burrows-"cactus Flower" Dir. Sergei Aldonin. the role of "Antoinette Simons. 2007-2008 Children's musical theatre "Experiment" Performances