Lapin Anatolij

id: 3445
CitySaint Petersburg
5'7" ft
clothing size
Hair color
Dark blonde
Eye color
I do not sing
No license (unable to drive)
Playing age
28 - 33

Education: 2012-2014 BIIYAMS Actor of theatre and cinema course n. a. Volkova I. N. and s.and. Ulanova M. V. Spbgukit 2015. The actor of theatre and cinema course by Ivan Vyrypaev and Ovcharov S. M. Short film with my participation: -"cockroaches". Episode voice -"test" role. -"the lion and the label" episode. -"in another city. Role. Episode "чужой3" episode. Time 22:00-22:25 and 27:53-28:14 "Cook 2" episode. Time 7:45-8:45 Experience: Movie: Short film-a parody "Casting. Sugar." The role of the casting Director. April 2017. The episode with the text. Streets of broken lamps 16 series 13. Klimov. March 2017. Short story Shukshin "Exam". The main role of the student. January 2016. The episode with the text. "Sea devils. Tornado 3" 21 and 22 series. Snir. September 2015. The episode with the text. "Murder for three" sixth series. ( dir. Sergey Holidays). A reporter with the murder Raevskaya. September 2015. The episode with the text. Short film "Shortcut" (Dir. Ovcharov, Sergei Mikhailovich). May 2015. voice The episode with the text. Short film winner of the festival of short films "potential 2014" "Cockroaches. (Dir. Denis Bondarev ) -Mario. October 2014. voice. Gruppovo series "Klim" (dir. Karen Oganesyan) - the victim of a maniac. September 2014. Episode of the show "Nevsky" (dir. Alexei Pavlov) - activist stopham. August 2014. The episode with the text of the series"Dosdevices II" - the police at the entrance in "cirkus club". August 2013. The episode with the text of the series "Cook 2" is a Guy selling a non-working iPhones. July 2013. The episode with the text of the series "Alien" - the guy with the drugs. March 2013. The episode with the text in the short film (dir. Elena Shabalina) - a security guard in a hypermarket. March 2013. The main role in the short film "In another city" (dir. Catherine Mullein) - Sasha. February 2013. voice. Episode in the short film "handmade Jeans" (dir. Alexey Inkin) - the guy with the camera. August 2012. Roles in the episodes in the Comedy, youth sketch show ,on the channel "Pepper". July 2012. Theatre: BDT im. Tovstonogov. The play of Andrei Mighty on the motives of N. Chernyshevsky "What to do". The role of the warrior. February 2016. The play "Life of insects" based on the novel by Victor Pelevin at the Playground theater and concert space "Skorohod". The course "actor of theatre and cinema" joint educational programs Spbgukit and ITC "Easy people" (Dir. Tatiana Priatkina-Weinstein) - Sam. May 2015. The Director of the play "Believe in love" by the works of A. M. Volodina ("our systems" and "With favourite do not leave"). C. the Theater of Our streets ,July 2013. The play (dolls tantamareski) "the Story of Baba Yaga". dir. Evgeny Shevchenko. On the court ITC "Easy People". Baba Yaga. July 2013. Korotkometrazhnyy performance "Memory...". C. the Theater of Our streets dir. Both Victoria - Victor. June 2013 Czech theatre "Nanohach" with the play "Crime and punishment". Script, libretto and staging - Jan komárek. The role of the judge. Theater and concert space "Skorohod". May 2013. Party performance "Semiotic model of St. Petersburg" Art Prospect Festival(dir. Tatiana Priatkina) - MiTek in the bathroom. September 2012 A performance based on Henry Miller's "tropic of Cancer" (dir. Tatiana Priatkina)at the site ITC "Easy People" - Filmore. August 2012. Puppet-drama "the Eremite from eksa" (dir. Adrian Arkadina) at the site ITC "Easy People" - the Public. Doll-Mr. Kyu, the mailman. July 2012. Performance of "Viva la liberte" (dir. Gromyko) to the site of the ITC "Easy People" - the People. April 2012r-lyapin-anatoliy.html