Tsurkov Roman

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Experience. 2011. Publicity Expo Astana – Almaty 2017” illuminator operator Andrew Oil 2012. the Aliens are not being” illuminator,the operator Vladislav Zagarolo 2012. the “He and She”illuminator operator Aydar Ospanov 2012. Series “ Our Life” illuminator operator Dmitry Azizov 2012. the series“ private coach “ – illuminator operator Yuriy Pak 2013. The series “the Parting” illuminator operator Yuri Pak 2013. The series “Syrgalym” illuminator operator Dmitry Korobkin 2013. the “voice of the steppe” illuminator operator Eric Guichard 2013. t/s “25th kilometre” illuminator operator Askar Utilin 2014. t/s”Fizruk season 2”TV channel TNT - illuminator operator Ulugbek Khamraev 2014. the”not them” – the illuminator, the operator Alexey Kupriyanov, 2014. t/s “Meteor" for NTV – mechanic camera ARRI Alexa,cinematographer Anatoly Sakhno, 2014. Promotional video clip for the Moscow mayor's office “Flying over Moscow” – the assistant mechanic 3D camera Red Dragon 2015. t/s “Kazaly" for the TV channel Kazakhstan - gaffer (lighting designer) 2015. t/s “Ayauly Arman" for the TV channel of Kazakhstan, Korkem Production – gaffer 2016. t/with “the Wizard" for the 1st channel - mechanic camera ARRI Alexa, Rieser Michael hleborodov 2016. t/s “Operetta" for NTV - mechanic camera ARRI Alexa ,cinematographer Antoine vivas (Denisov) 2016. t/s “Silver Bor” illuminator, register Zinovy Roizman 2017. t/C "Girls don't give up" for the TV channel Russia - illuminator operator Alexei Morozov 2017. to "Test" Sliderman, register Alexey Petrukhin 2017. t/s "jumble" - mechanic cakery ARRI Alexa Also participated in many filming music videos and commercials, if necessary predictably recommendations. Available have their own kinotechnika Movietech Scooter Dolly, and camera and its accessories. Has experience with cranes and carts such as: GFM GF-Quad Dolly Gf-8 Xten,Gf-9,GF-16, Magnum, PANTER. Personal qualities: Easy and bystrooborachivaemy, the ability of adopting innovative solutions, hard work, dedication, stress, a high degree of responsibility, communication skills, business ethics, diligence, ability to work in team, discipline, punctuality, mobility, without harmful habits.