Ivanova Nadezhda

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5'6" ft
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No license (unable to drive)
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22 - 30

The link to the page in my Agency Lena Hwang: http://lenatalents.com/portfolio/ivanova-nadezhda/ Filmography : https://www.kino-teatr.ru/kino/acter/w/ros/260404/bio/ My page with photos on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nadia_ivanova.actress My name is Nadezhda Ivanova. Below are my brief biography and filmography. Born 5 January 1989 in Moscow. He graduated from high school and Moscow state automobile and road College named after A. A. Nikolaev(faculty of Economics). Immediately after graduating from College in 2006, I entered the Theatrical Institute named after B. Shchukin in the course of Rodion Yuryevich Ovchinnikov. The graduation performances were "the Trouble from gentle heart", directed by P. E. Favorites, "Widow ship", Directors N. And. Dvorzhetsky, N. N. Pavlenkova, "Cube squared" (Evening plastics), Director A. A. Shchukin, "an Evening of dance miniatures", Director I. N. Filippova. While studying in my fourth year, I debuted in a TV film, Valeria Gai Germanika "School" ,where she played the role of Sonia Kastalskoy. This project was followed by roles in the films "birds 1", "a Soldiers tale" by Sasha Black ,"ol", "Traffic light" and others. He worked in the theater "Practice", where he played in the play "Red bird" directed by Wojtek Urbanski. In 2016 staged "Heart" in the art therapy Studio's "Symbol" in the framework of the festival "Thread of Ariadne". Participated in the Russian-American laboratory LARK Lyubimovka 2016 with the play "Pinklady" Antiatom. In the same year I starred in the lead role of Ani in the debut film of young filmmaker Ksenia Zueva "Close". The film participated in the main competitive program of "Kinotavr" and continued on his way at other prestigious Russian and international film festivals. - In 2017 at the film festival "Amur autumn" was awarded a diploma "For the best female role of" Ani in "Close". - Russian newspaper. "Take two" 2018. Diploma for the best actor for the role of Ani in "Close" After starring in the film "Relatives" significantly I lost weight, tightened due to the fact that during the year engaged in a ballet Studio. In chorale, the roles are before my changes and at a younger age. Many Directors don't see me on the other hand, I still remember and invited to such a role from sorila . I have done many different photo shoots to show what I see and feel different and want our Kinomir saw that I can play not only the designated roles, but a different unusual side in new film projects.