Garnaev Yaroslav

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5'6" ft
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Yaroslav Garnaev. 12.05.1993 (26 years) Height 172 weight: 60 clothing size M shoes 40 Education: Moscow, Russian University of theatre arts - GITIS Workshop A. I. Sheinin. 2010-2014 FILMOGRAPHY: “Who's the boss” , Director – A. Kiryushchenko and Eduard Radzyukevich. Production “AMEDIA” 2005-2007 (150 series) TV Channels: STS, MUZ-TV, Home. Role: Eugene Pirogov – the main role “The postman”, directed by V. Mishchenko, Production “Everest-the movie” in 2008. The Russia TV Channel. Role: Kostya Khamovniki – episode “Family house”, directed by Vladimir Furman, production “Media Favorit movie” 2010 (12 episodes) The first channel. Role: Andrey Prokhorov has the main role. “The fate of the choice” Director - Oleg Khaibullin. Production: “the Red square” 2011. the series (“the Endowment”) the Role: Dima Kuzin. – the main role Film "b & W" - 2013. Episode The series "Heart star" - Roma vasylchikov, 2014 The film "school shooter" (2015) - Peter glass. Dir: Vadim and Catherine Shatrova The series "time limit" (2015) -Burtsev. Dir: Mikhail Bogdasarov The series "Crimean Sakura" (2015) -Igor. Dir: Vitaliy Pavlov 2016-the movie "money" 2016-series "LEOPARD"-role: Max THEATRICAL WORKS: The play Ostrovsky"late love" -in the cinema (GITIS, 2014) A play based on Chekhov's stories "jokes on the verge of a nervous breakdown" - some of the main roles. Theater "Shalom" -2015-2016 play by A. Hite and E. Uspensky "miracles with home delivery" Theatre V - Victor Hugo "a Mother" staged the play Lucrezia Borgia. SOUND: 2006 - x-Men 3 2007 – “meet the Robinsons” – Wilbur Robinson (Walt Disney) 2009 – "Terrorist Ivanova" - Victor 2019 Series "Nuba" - Eric 2019 the Animated series "infinity nado" 7 characters. 2019 - The Game "League Of Legends" 2019 ad: “Uber” “swatch” “Levi's” “Mercedes Benz” ADDITIONAL INFORMATION: Languages : English Dance : Modern The vocal range. Baritone Singing :Pop Musical instruments :Guitar, drums Sports :skiing Vehicle : Car, bike, Scooter, sled Other skills/abilities : A graduate of theatre-Studio “fidget” (soloist) Leading various concerts and presentations. (presenter on the channel “Carousel”, the program “Ask Vietnamese” 2007-2009) Current host on TV “Children's” program “Zanzibar” Yaroslav Garnaev social network: