Shugaepova Aliya

id: 12897
CitySaint Petersburg
B (2)
4'9" ft
Appearance type
clothing size
Hair color
Eye color
I'm a good singer
No license (unable to drive)
Playing age
15 - 25

Spbgup, faculty of arts, Department of acting. Profession: actor drama theater and cinema. Workshop: z.and. Of the Russian Federation E. G. Aleksandrova. Release year 2016. 7. Finished music school playing the violin and piano, graduated from the dance school at folk and classical dances. Dance, sing, do a self study of modern dance. Engaged in figure skating. Own the fencing. Horse riding. Athletics. Own the elements of the staged fights. Are Vice-Miss of international beauty contest "Miss Top Fire" in Saint-Petersburg. The winner of national contest "Miss Thumbelina" SPb. 8. Roles in theater: • Play by Jean Anouilh "the Generals in skirts". Role: Marie-Christine-the daughter of CH. hero of Leon. Dir. E. G. Alexandrov In the play by A. Volodin "Elder sister". Role: Actress. Dir. E. G. Alexandrov In the play by A. Ostrovsky "Wolves and Sheep". Role: Infousa. Dir. E. G. Alexandrov • Play by Sebastian "playing holiday." Role: Madame Vintila. Dir. E..G. Aleksandrov • Musical and dance performance "Cinderella". Role: Cinderella. Director Andrey Noskov. •Musical - plastic performance "visiting the forest". Role: Little Red Riding Hood, Alice Fox. (Ecoteer). Director: Natalia Dragileva • Musical-plastic performance "In search of the enchanted harp". Role: The Muse Of Melody. Director E. Yakhontova • Musical - plastic performance "Terrible animal". The Role: The Deer. (Ecoteer). Dir: Nikolay Klochkov. •The musical "Blue bird-sky carousel". Role: Piero. Director: Alexander Wolfowitz Mirochnik. Julia Budnevich. •Performance at the Studio Lendok "the New year". The Role: Petulant Princess. Director: Daria Tranchina 9. Affiliation: Children's interactive theater "ASM Art" 10. ADVERTISING: (2015) social advertising "Hearth" (2015) social advertising "Gazprom. Oil." (2017) corporate video for "M-Video" 11. MOVIE ROLES: (2013) to "Legionary", role: paramedic (episode) (2016) t/with "Secrets of the investigation", role: Sasha is a thief. Dir: Olga Kandidatov. (2017)/f "treasures of the Ermak - Call Myshkin", role: train passenger. Dir: Ilya Kazakov. Producer: Alexey Uchitel. (2017)/f "About love...", role: student. Director: Bortko. (2017) "Chef", role: the girl-the victim of thieves (episode) (2017) "Nevsky-2", role: Katya is a student who is in the group of "Stopham". Dir: A. Kites. (2018) "I", the role of the waitress Natalia. Dir: Alexander P.