Petrunina Vera

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Education : 2006. ISI Moscow – the acting Department. 2013 - GITR them. Litovkin Moscow– film editor Funal Cut Pro X Contacts: 7 (926) 769 59 10 . Profession : Second Director, planner, film editor. Hobbies : hood. school, swimming, motorcycles ( category A, b). The duties of the Second Director / scheduler and in the preparatory period: * Create a shooting script ( with Director) * Real time monitoring of the scenario * Collection and systematization of information from departments of the crew ( the costume, the makeup artist, assistant Director, assistant props, location Manager and others) *Planning of the shooting process (production schedule) and bringing the plan in accordance with the schedules of employment of actors involved in the film. *Choice matching the description in the scenario of the proposed location of filming (location)Manager and further examination of the selected objects ( in collaboration with the Director, a Director of photography and artist) *Development of Director's explication ( with the Director) * In some cases , the second Director may oversee the work of the artist-storyboard artist for feature. * In the case separately from the site : the Scheduler maintains the shooting schedule , the schedule of the actor's employment, PPC , reporting . Advance notice to the group on the work plans and preparation of filming. Organizes readings and offers the option of the production schedule, the Director, the operator –Director and location Manager. * In the case separately from the site : the Scheduler Controls the schedule of the crew , alters transmission , in the case of nadoyelo per shift. * In the case separately from the site : the Scheduler - Maps data according to project coordinator, producer, financial Manager. In shooting period : • Preparation and distribution of call sheets prior to each shooting day. • Supervision and direction of placement of objects and groups on the set. • Control over compliance with the shooting schedule created for the current shift. • Guide the actions of the actors of the second plan and extras. • Control ( assistant Director )for reporting the results of the shooting day – the number of removed scenes. Filmography of the links: Period Profession The project July 2006 dresser t/s "jubilee victim" dir .Yu. And .Kuzmenko August –Oct. 2006 Assistant Director t/s "Man without a gun" dir. A. Black October-February 2007 ass.for actors , additionally to the duties of the second Director x/f "the Brothers Karamazov" dir.Yu. P. Frost February-August 2007 Assistant Director x/f "Route M-8" dir. A. Grabar August 2007 -January 2008 The second Director t/with "the circus Princess" (startup dir.And. Plotkin) – (dir.And.Islamgulov) March-August 2008 The second Director (planning area) t/with "the North wind" (dir. N. S. Gusev.) 8 episodes com/watch?v=Ej3UD96MII4